Places of interest in Aveiro

Aveiro is a fabulous city with several places of interest that you can visit and where you will never give your time for lost.
The Church of Vera Cruz is a mere 100 meters, as is the chapel of São Gonçalinho.
Less than five minutes worth of walking are the Aveiro forum, the old captaincy and the Aveiro museum.
The train station and the University of Aveiro are just a km away.
By car you can also visit the lighthouse of Barra, the municipal stadium and Costa Nova with its characteristic haystack houses.


Ria de Aveiro

Ria de Aveiro, is what we call the estuary of the Vouga river, which extends across the Portuguese territory, parallel to the sea, for a distance of 45 kilometers and a maximum width of 11 kilometers, moving from east to west from Ovar to Mira. It passes through Aveiro, Ílhavo, Gafanha da Nazaré, Estarreja, Ovar, Murtosa, Vagos and Mira.


Haystack Houses of Costa Nova

The Costa Nova's Haystack houses are famous cascade striped houses on the beach with the same name, originally in shades of ocher red and black, used as old warehouses of fishing implements.
Part of the color and beautifulness of Aveiro is inseparable from the famous Costa Nova's Haystacks. These typical constructions, were originally used by local fishermen to store the fishing materials and have now been used over the years as holiday homes. Implanted on the edge of the beach, they greet the sea with it's facades painted with stripes of gaudy colors.


Barra's Lighthouse

Barra's Lighthouse is the largest in Portugal. Located on the beach of Barra, parish of Gafanha da Nazaré, Ílhavo municipality, district of Aveiro.
It was, at the time of its construction, the sixth largest in the world in stone masonry, continuing to be, currently, the second largest in the Iberian Peninsula, still included in the 26 largests in the world.
It is a trunk tower with white and red stripes and attached buildings.

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